For whatever reason, I didn’t have the appetite to do a full road cycle today. Going through possible routes that I could do in an hour, I just couldn’t shuffle any good route into my head quickly. I decided I’d explore the woods a bit more. Even just cranking out my first few miles in there might put me in the mood to do more after. I didn’t add a lot to my mileage total but it was definitely the right decision.

Temperature: 82 f | Wind Speed: 13 mph | Miles this month: 126.94m | Miles this year: 274.75m (1,746.25m to go)

When I saw I got lost, that’s not a poetic way of suggesting that my spirit was free and I felt at one with nature for a period of time. I did, but I also got lost. Usually, when we are in the Fells, we just do a loop of North Reservoir and get back out. It’s a nice loop and not too challenging. A couple of times, I’ve taken the baby and done some of the more challenging, shorter trails. They all stick pretty closely to the main trail near North Reservoir. Today, I figured I could cover a lot more ground on the bike. I wasn’t worried about going farter afield. If I kept the water on my right I couldn’t go too far wrong.

I was wrong.

When I got to the tip of South Reservoir, it was a dead end of sorts. I may have had to negotiate dangerous maneuver which involved lifting my bike over a railing. I stretched it across a bring to leave it there before following suit. In hindsight, I could have found another way but this is just the way things were going. A hard left and a hard right (following the trail) completely threw off my sense of direction. I reached a part of trail that was impassable by my good self. The trail just kind of petered out really and I was left with the only real option of turning back. I should mention that, even in the glorious technological age that we currently live in, there are still times when your internet doesn’t work. This was one such time.

This wasn’t disaster time or anything as I eventually managed to figure it out using Google Maps and got myself, literally, out of the woods and back home. It was just a bit of a surprise to me that I was able to get lost in the Fells. There’s lots more to explore and I am excited to sprinkle it in with my road cycling from time to time. As you can see from today’s stats, I didn’t add much to my total mileage for the year and can’t go getting lost in the woods all the time but it makes for a nice change of pace when I am not feeling particularly motivated. It’s also incredibly quiet during the week which is amazing. It makes it very easy to go and get lost in nature when that specific need arises.

Four Dogs Max

On my adventures, I did see a lady with 5 dogs trailing her. Now the image from this post makes more sense to me.

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