Any time I take the Tri-Community Greenway, I pass under I-93 which is the highway that runs close to my apartment. There is a cool underpass that is absolutely riddled with graffiti from beginning to end. Sometimes the art work is indecipherable but always colorful. Often, when I go through there are people adding their own artwork to the underpass. I don’t think it’s ever the same people as I feel I would recognize them at this point but there is always an artist and a lookout. The lookout might be a holdover from a bygone era when they might have gotten in trouble for this but, any time I have seen them, they have 30+ cans of paint laid out and it is unlikely that they would run from them if a figure of authority were to approach.

Temperature: 71 f | Wind Speed: 13 mph | Miles this month: 147.15m | Miles this year: 294.96m (1,726.04m to go)

I really like the graffiti and have never seen anything that might be construed as inflammatory. There was some pro and anti George Floyd stuff around the time of the incident but it was very much temporary. Most often I see some cool art work or some complete-yet-colorful gibberish that I don’t understand. That may come in the form of a sensual young woman or a holiday greeting in mid-May but I am good with it. It is something someone has put there time, imagination, and not small amount of money into so I can’t have an issue with that.

Today, the artist (and the lookout) were working on a Toy Story 4 creation that I quite enjoyed. They had everything laid out at the beginning of my journey but had wrapped everything up and were gone like a fart in the wind when I returned a little over an hour later. Regardless of the fact that I was a late convert to Toy Story 4 (how could I know they could live up to 3?), I enjoyed this and it looks great. I used to think graffiti was a dirty thing that plagued communities and was associated with gangs and violence. I fond it hard to believe that the 4 images above are about anything other than fun and creativity.

I did see a man stop about 4 feet short of a trash can today and attempt to throw his bag of dog shit towards the hole. He missed by an embarrassing 4 feet the other direction and was forced to walk the the entire distance to pick it up and dispose of it responsibly like the 70 year old man that he is. I have made many mistakes like this one but I have learned from him. This man needs to learn there is a time and place for outrageous attempts but this was not one of them. I can also confirm the lady from yesterday was indeed hosing down her sidewalk again so it is a daily occurrence at this time of year.

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