My bike is back. I forked over as much for a tune up and two new tires as I did for my second hand bike a couple of weeks ago but I am happy. Everything is in tip top shape, tightened and fixed just how it should be. I’m hopeful that the new tires will mean that my long and storied history of punctures will be a thing of the past, too. There’s just been too many. When I talked to the guy at the bike shop, the bulk of the short conversation involved tires. He asked if I get a lot of flats. By, do I, says I. You do, he asks again, not understanding my nonsense. Yes, they’re my biggest issue when riding.

Temperature: 63 f | Wind Speed: 11 mph | Miles this month: 163.92m | Miles this year: 311.73m (1,709.27m to go)

Okay, well we can get you… here’s where I lost him and it sounded like he said something like… never puncture tires. They’ve basically got another layer inside the tire to prevent punctures. Do you want the ones with the reflective side wall or without? I have a friend who has a ridiculously old car and she talks about the side walls of her tires so I understand what he’s talking about. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a fucking notion. I say the reflective, of course. That’s it done and dusted and I don’t see the bike again until I pick it up today. I can’t wait to take it out for a ride. I go to Lake Quannapowitt again – a favorite stomping ground. It’s time to see if this bike is faster than my other one. It is. Not by an awful lot but it is.

I’m a Simple Man

We’re talking about a 0.5 mph improvement. That’s roughly 3% better than the other bike. I’m not quite sure how to feel about this as I feel more at home on the other one. I feel like it is easier to cycle than my expensive one and it is much lower maintenance. It’s probably just that there are more gears with higher resistance that leads to higher speed. I’m not exactly a speed merchant, however, so that doesn’t matter as much to me. The roads around where I live can be extremely shite too so the faster one is also less comfortable.

Overall I think I’ve decided that I like the second hand one for shorter road cycles and will take my Trek for longer ones, especially if I know that the terrain is smooth for the most part. Padded arse or not, I can still be sore getting off the Trek saddle.

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