I’m back in the saddle after licking my wounds for the last few days over the explosion incident. For the first time this year, the freewheel down the hill to the bike trail is not a refreshing cold wind. It is sweltering and the heat is very much of the dead variety. The wind is strong but it definitely doesn’t feel as bad as usual. The heat is doing all of the oppressing today. The heat does ease off as the ride continues. We are getting into the evening time.

Temperature: 92 f | Wind Speed: 18 mph | Miles this month: 181.62m | Miles this year: 329.43m (1,691.57m to go)

I’m still very far behind my goal for the year. I should be hitting 750 miles by the end of the month to be on track. That means I’m still more than 400 miles behind. The good news is that I have every opportunity to hit my goal for May which would be one step in the right direction. Memorial Day weekend is coming up and I have fewer than 70 miles to do to hit the mark.

There is a possible downside. The weekend is looking like a bit of a washout and will be unusually cold. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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