This was my second ride on my new (second hand) bike. Why did I get another bike, you ask? Many reasons. I am not one to rush out and buy something that I have no intention of using – at least not something expensive anyway. I have lots of things in the kitchen that are begging for more use since they were bought. I see you, garlic press. I simply decided that I cycle enough that I can’t afford to be out of action for weeks at a time or I will lose absolutely any and all steam that I have built up. I also had to think of the fact that I have a daughter now and will want to take her for a cycle every so often too.

Temperature: 61 f | Wind Speed: 7 mph | Miles this month: 23.59m | Miles this year: 171.38m (1,849.62m to go)

The owner of the bike shop had previously told me there was a bike Armageddon and today he told me that I would miss the entire season waiting for a new bike to come in. I was about to leave the shop as deflated as my back tire for the last week and he mentioned that he had some second hand bikes outside but that was it. He had 5 in total and only two were anywhere close to my size and only one that was anywhere close to a hybrid. I’m looking for something that I can hitch a baby trailer on to, says I. This one will work for that, says he, and I was driving home with it a couple of minutes later.

It’s by no means the belle of the ball but it’s relatively comfortable. The brakes squeak and there is no suspension to speak of. It’s got all sorts of scrapes and scratches and thick tires but it means that I am out on the road while my main bike is out of commission. It has a comfortable saddle which means that I can get away without wearing a padded arse on some of these shorter cycles that have become my modus operandi. Part of what makes it difficult to get out for these short cycles if having to suit up completely each time. I also don’t have that many Lycra suits so every short ride meant another step closer to needing to do laundry. I’m currently over 400 miles behind my goal which is starting to feel insurmountable but I am hoping with an improved main bike on the way, a backup buke when I have issues, and longer days and better weather on the way will see me slowly start to gain back some of that.

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