I grew up on a farm. Things broke and animals died. Often these things all seemed to happen in fairly short order. Often I wondered if I was cursed or stupid or God hated me. When I stopped believing in God, it didn’t get any better or worse so I ruled that out. Surely this string of never-ending mishaps were not just by chance and I had to be contributing in some way? I now have that same feeling regarding punctures. 

Temperature: 34 f | Wind Speed: 8 mph | Miles this month: 12.47 m | Miles this year: 27 m (1,994 to go)

In the last 8 months, I have used 10 new tire tubes and have had at least 2 more punctures that I fixed. Three of these can be put down to me not knowing the correct psi for my tires. One can be attributed to a stone in the wheel. Another actually burst as I was inflating the tube seconds after changing it. The tube was pinched between the tire and the wheel. That’s a total of 5 punctures that we can chalk up to my stupidity. Here’s the thing though – I’m still getting more punctures than your average. I ended last season with a puncture. I fixed it on Sunday and went for a ride on Monday. When I went to take the bike out for a ride on Tuesday – puncture! I got a total of 13 miles out of that tube and I have no idea why. I think I’ll need to go tubeless if I get another in the next 100 miles. 

Today was my first spin over to Wakefield to do a couple of laps of the lake there. Lake Quannapowitt can often be very windy which makes for some unpleasant laps but not so today. I hadn’t planned to ride today but we were expecting a sudden, though not very serious, snow storm and I thought it was best to get ahead of it. I could have done with the rest day after my first cycle back but what harm?

I was pretty proud that this cycle actually happened given that it was unplanned and I was presented with a puncture before I even started. Oftentimes, the puncture would have been the end of it and it would be weeks before I would deign to ride again because, each time I consider it, I’d realize I have a puncture to fix and forget about it again. With snow on the way, I may struggle to reach my meager January goal of 40 miles but I aimed low knowing this was a possibility.

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