I don’t know why I put this one off for so long. It has been over 2 months since I made my plan for the year and got on my bike for a cycle. The plan almost immediately fell to shit with the Winter snow but it’s very easily salvaged as I was smart enough to not set myself up for abject failure from the get go – something I am slowly learning to do as an adult.

Temperature: 55 f | Wind Speed: 11 mph | Miles this month: 14.49 m | Miles this year: 40.89 m (1,980.11 to go)

Something a little better than abject failure is still failure, however, and I do have ground to make up. I’m a solid 220 miles behind where I should be right now – but boy was it good to be back on the bike today. It was a little more blustery than I would like and the condition of the roads is about where you’d expect for this time of year. I forgot my glasses, gloves, water and mask but none of that mattered. The Greenway was quiet and Horn Pond has a very wide trail around it. Mask wearing outdoors had taken a very dramatic dip in the last couple of weeks, too, so I didn’t feel like a huge dick not having one on.

The Tri-Community Greenway (as the name so obviously but not poetically suggests) runs through 3 communities but also has 3 starts/ends. I usually get on the trail down the hill from our apartment which is a mile from one of the starting points. Today, I went to both other ends. First to Horn Pond which is always a treat to do a lap around. The paving that runs around the lake isn’t my favorite as it is creased with protruding tree roots but it is very wide and the lake is pretty, surrounded by hidden walking trails on two sides.

I also went into Winchester to the other end of the trail. I really like the Black Horse Tavern there but do not go there often enough. I saw they have outdoor seating set up for the summer now. That would be exciting to me in normal times but is especially so during Covid times. I am always desperately searching for signs of light at the end of the tunnel and, while this isn’t necessarily one of them, it is a sign of better days to come and more days eating brunch outdoors, going for bike rides, and hikes as a family.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t know why I put this one off for so long but I am glad I did it today. Onward…

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