I had a disgustingly huge lunch today. I’m talking buffalo chicken calzone with the grease dripping out of the box before I even started eating. I actually brought the box out to my car when I finished the entire thing because I didn’t want anyone at work to bear witness to the devastation that had been visited upon that poor box. I didn’t want them to realize that my insides probably looked similar but worse right now.

Temperature: 57 f | Wind Speed: 6 mph | Miles this month: 44.93m | Miles this year: 71.33m (1,928.67 to go)

I then came home and ate entirely too much dinner before retiring to the rocking armchair and seemed for all intents and purposes like that was where I was going to stay for the night. I did notice last night that it was staying bright for longer now. In other words, there’s a grand stretch in the evenings. I looked at the clock and after a few minutes hesitation, I got up off my lazy hole and put on my biking gear. I had probably an hour before it got dark and it was a pleasant, if not a little brisk, evening so I had no excuse.

I remember way back in 2019 when I was just starting to track my rides properly and made the decision to aim for 1,000 miles that year, it was the most magical time for discovering bike trails and greenways. Following the Tri-Community Greenway to all of it’s ends and realizing one end was Horn Pond was spectacular. Realizing that the other end in Winchester led almost perfectly onto the Mystic Valley Parkway was very cool entirely and opened up more possibilities and longer rides. This is the route I decided to take today. I didn’t get to take the Greenway much last year on account of the 100 Towns thing (have I mentioned that before?) so I’m really drinking it in during the early stages of this year.

Mystic Valley Parkway is a busy road with a bike track on the side. It’s by no means an ideal cycling route but the lake and some of the parklands are very pretty and often buzzing with life which is nice. It’s also very slightly downhill most of the way which is great when you’re going that way. I didn’t have this route planned out in advance either but it clocked in at a pretty even 15 miles and I ended up back on the trail as dusk was settling in. I thought I detected a note of unfriendliness from people I met on the trail which was odd. We’ve had a couple of a relatively cold days since a cracking one on Saturday so I thought people would be delighted to be out and about enjoying a crisp spring evening. Maybe I was just expecting too much from people who were mostly taking their dogs out for a shit.

I passed one girl who was cycling with her father running along side her holding on to the saddle. I gave her a thumbs up of encouragement. I passed another group of girls who started giggling uncontrollably after I went by. I can only assume they knew about my lunch from today. It could have been my padded arse too or my protruding gut. Some other kid yelled “Good luck with your new bike” which was nice since my bike is closing in on 2 years old now and has a good 1,700 miles under its belt. Aside from those mentioned, I don’t believe I left an impression on anyone else on my cycle today. Then again, why should I? It was nice to see some of the sports fields I passed holding practices again. In non-Covid times, they would likely just be getting back into it now too but it’s just a little nicer to see this year. Everything is a little nicer. Except the people on the trail for some reason…

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