People in Ireland love nothing more than to pat themselves on the back for their ethical and humane treatment of bus driver. They see themselves as the number one nation in the world for thanking the person who drives the bus as they get off at their stop. I’m not entirely sure what has given them this belief but it’s not true. One thing that is true about bus drivers is that they live to wave at each other to acknowledge “Hey, you’re driving a bus. I’m driving a bus. Enjoy your day sir or ma’am.” Cyclists don’t have a specific wave but they do like to have a similar acknowledgement as they pass each other on the margins of the road. It generally doesn’t matter whether you are dressed head to toe in spandex, have an expensive bike, or are carrying the remnants of too many pints in your belly. As long as you look like you take your cycling seriously, you’ll get the upward nod or the fleeting wave letting you know that you belong

Temperature: 65 f | Wind Speed: 11 mph | Miles this month: 108.91m | Miles this year: 135.31m (1,864.69m to go)

Unfortunately, you also get the dickhead cyclists that give the rest of us a bad name. I had a few in front of me in Winchester today. They went the wrong way through a roundabout because they only needed to go one exit if they did it that way. They went the wrong way down a one-way street and they didn’t look when they crossed over a busy street to get back on the trail. When they were on the trail they regularly rode 4 abreast and took turns trying to slap each others handlebars. I’m not entirely sure what they were trying to achieve but I wish it worked.

The route I cycled today is one of my favorite long cycles. I would have preferred to get out earlier as the Minuteman can get pretty busy and causes some frustrations but such is life. I’m lucky that most of the rest of the route is also on some sort of trail or greenway.

Tri-community > Mystic Valley Parkway > Alewife Brook Parkway > Minuteman Bikeway

And then right back over them again. I expect this won’t be the last time you see this map. I was hoping to get an average of 15mph for this ride but the Minuteman was simply too busy to allow for it. It was almost like multiple people along the route didn’t realize that I was shooting for this and figured it was fine to get in my way or clog up the trail. One thing that did piss me off today was cyclists thinking they were better than the rest of us. Multiple times when I was stopped at a light and there was a line of cyclists behind me, a few skipped past us all and went to the front. While this is bad form by itself, having to pass them out again a minute later because you are faster than them is as satisfying as it is irksome.

I pulled back some mileage today but I still have quite a bit to do to get back on track for my goal of 2,021 miles this year.

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