How many of you have made a shitty sandwich before going to bed, placed it in the fridge and then went to work without it the following morning? It’s not a very nice feeling but it also gives you a free pass to buy a far nicer lunch, so you think “Every cloud…” and order a dirty meatball sub and a Sprite from the place down the street instead.

How many of you have lovingly slaved over a chicken curry dinner at ten o clock at night, desperately fighting back the urge to serve it up right there and then? How many of you have filled two separate lunch boxes, one with the delicious strips of pulled chicken gently simmering in the sweet smelling curry that is almost singing with its spicy sensations, and the other with fluffy brown rice and carefully chopped fried potatoes? How many of you have begrudgingly placed the Tupperware containers of delight in the fridge overnight, fighting your perverted urges to just lay it out on the hastily prepared kitchen table and ravage it as the crickets scream at the otherwise silent sky? And how many of you have woken up the next morning, completely forgetting that all of this took place, skipped breakfast because you weren’t hungry and headed to work without the curry? HOW MANY OF YOU?

There’s no mammy to save the day by bringing the lunch down to school, and no meatball sub in the entire world that would hold a candle to the lunch that this curry would have been – no matter how much melted cheese there is on it.

The worst part is not that I will never get to eat it. I will. This evening. And it will be glorious. It’s not that I didn’t have lunch today. I did. And it was as disappointing as expected. The worst part is the crushing realization just after to settle down to do some work, you realize that it is just gone 8.30am and you are already hungry. And you have left the one lunch on the planet that would make you happy in a fridge 30 miles away.

I have never been one to use hashtags that I would not otherwise use in real life, but it is warranted on this occasion as today #fml means forgot my lunch. #NeverAgain

* Originally posted August 2013

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