Last year before I went to Uganda, I needed to get a number of shots and vaccinations. Months in advance, I had assumed I would get these shots in the US and had not even thought about the possibility of getting them in Ireland. In order to do this, I needed my medical records which my doctor graciously sent me. Not one to frequent anywhere medical (I never get sick doncha know?), my records were quite thin. Aside from the two stitches I needed in my finger after I ripped it open on the shear-grab, my knee operation, and a bout of tonsillitis, my records were spotless – until I got back to my early childhood.

It would appear my mother brought me to the doctor when I was younger with quite a big problem. In order to keep people out of trouble and whatnot, I have blacked out any personal information except for my own. You know how the internet can be.

These are much more readable if you click on them or I have them transcribed underneath if that is easier.

Dear Dr. _______
Thank you for referring this chap with a large head. He is now 2 years old and has an uneventful perinatal history.
On examination, his head was certainly above the 97th Centile. His weight is also on the 97th Centile and his height on the 90th Centile. He was a pleasant, cooperative lad and his systemic examination revealed nothing abnormal. His development examination was also normal.
The mother was not sure about a history of large heads in the family. She herself is a small lady. I have reassured her and discharged Joseph. We will review him in 3 months time.
Yours Sincerely,

And the second letter:

Dear _______,
Joseph was back for a review, he is a little fellow you sent along for assessment of a large head.
Joseph is in proportion i.e. his height, weight and head size are above the 95th Centile. I am happy with him generally and have discharged him from my care.
Yours sincerely,

I think the main takeaway from all this is, even at 2 years old I was pleasant and cooperative. I just didn’t have enough hair to hide the size of my head is all.

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